GOP and DNC deadly alliance

This just came in, there is more to the motives of the recent explosive attacks against Donald J Trump. Upon, the GOP think tank secret meeting that was recently held by behest of Koch and Soros has a more deep dark twist to it. Yes, SOROS! At this time, I can only provide alleged information on this deadly alliance and their thirst to usurp both popular election favorites Trump and Sanders. If, you read between the lines on the continuing attacks and set ups to discredit Trump and Sanders, for the favor of a Rubio and Clinton elections cycle. This plot just continues to go deeper and dark by some would think this was a script from an HBO movie. The secret meeting discussed using the usual unsanctioned dirty tricks of Rick Wilson, Liz Mair, Katie (packer) and Alexander Gage, Cheri Jacobus, Roger Ailes, and Rupert Murdoch. Soros incorporated groups such as Black Lives Matters, CAIR, Clinton, James Carvel, Club for Growth, SEIU, AFL-CIO (Trumka). Just days before the explosive protest in Chicago, students from universities were offered sums of money to attend the protest. CAIR, SEIU (Mary Kay Henry) and AFL-CIO are well known for dispensing these tactics to people that are strapped or in dire need of money. 

Seeing first hand the live coverage of the protest, leaked videos of protesters having an assortment of high tech firearms in their possession tells an interesting story about Obama’s Chicago. One that makes me have that sick and bad feeling inside more there than meets the eye. Rahm Emanuel life long sanctioned operative for the likes of the Clintons and Obama’s consigliere runs Chicago like Al Capone ran Cicero. The live feeds can absolutely confirm this without the need of any more sources. It is completely safe to assume this deadly alliance from the two secret meetings going at the same time well orchestrated the protest and attacks. Sanders, I feel was an easy scapegoat for the DNC to use as the source of the attacks. If, I were Sanders this would be ample time to have an investigation on who is behind using his campaign as the scapegoat!  This orchestration will continue to worsen since the beginning of Wilson, Mair and Jacobus false accusations of calling Trump the unifying principle of racism and the KKK. This should be an all too well understood tool by dirty politics, 7 years of conservatives being called racist from the left and now we have so called conservative strategist doing the same to a GOP front runner. Their games are responsible for the blood spilled in Chicago and in Ohio after the foiled attack by Tommy DiMassimo. His twitter handle @younglionking7 is utterly racist for a white male converted by ISIS to present himself as an African American, this account is not the only fakery existing on twitter.

As, more information comes available we will update! More here than meets the eye and many sources are coming to us to leak it!





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