Rahm Capone and the Cicero connection

It was truly disgusting Chicago witnessing the massive, violent protest that upended Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago. Watching the live coverage, it was just short of living in Syria and having ISIS running free in the streets. So who is responsible for this? Why has the media once again looked away from Obama’s Chicago, hiding what has been uncovered by my source?

The Security Firm that was hired to manage the Trump Chicago Rally (and presumably protect attendees) is Monterrey Security.  This blogger from The Daily Badger noted some interesting facts about Monterrey Security. 

6:03pm: Overheard, in the press pen:  “They’re using Monterrey Security.  Funny, a Trump rally using a Latino-owned business.”  From the Monterrey Security website: “A minority-owned firm, Monterrey Security is certified by the City of Chicago as a minority-business enterprise (MBE). Monterrey Security is also actively pursuing federal 8(a) certification as a minority-owned business.

They have a long and checkered past and deep ties to the Chicago political machine. Santiago Solis (co-owner of Monterrey), younger brother of Danny Solis, Alderman of the 25th Ward has a criminal history.  Their sister, Patti Solis Doyle was Hillary Clinton’s Senatorial campaign manager in 2000 and chief of staff for Vice Presidential operation on the Obama Campaign.

The Chicago Tribune also revealed the connection between Sanitago Solis and Juan Gaytan, the  co-owners of Moneterrey Consulting and exposed the corruption at Monterrey on multiple occasions.  On June 27, 2002 the Trib ran a story entitled “Security Firm Broke State Rules Thrived  which contained a laundry list of Monterrey’s transgressions.

Since the company was founded three years ago:

– Monterrey President Juan Gaytan is awaiting a disciplinary hearing after Police Supt. Terry Hillard recommended that he be fired. According to the charges filed by Hillard, Gaytan threatened to shoot a Southwest Side man, then had another police official smear fake blood on Gaytan’s face to make it seem as if Gaytan was attacked.

– During its first 21 months of operation, Monterrey failed to obtain a state license that is required for security companies, and it apparently neglected to conduct criminal background checks on its security guards. During that time, Monterrey provided security for public-housing residents and schoolchildren.

– Gaytan told city officials that Monterrey didn’t need a state license because the company was providing only security consulting; in fact, the company supplied security guards. He also neglected to mention that he had a partner–Solis’ brother, Santiago, a Chicago firefighter.

– Though Monterrey was apparently ineligible for the contract because it lacked the proper credentials, the city awarded the firm a $2.9 million contract to provide security guards after an unusual bidding process. Monterrey’s lawyer is Victor Reyes, who resigned as Mayor Richard Daley‘s chief lobbyist a year and a half ago, and is a close political ally of Danny Solis.

Prompted by the Tribune/Exito! investigation, city officials two weeks ago announced that they were canceling Monterrey’s contract because the company’s owners also were city employees. Under city ethics rules, city employees may not have a financial interest in city contracts.

Gaytan and Santiago Solis, who also own a real estate company, Soltan Group Inc., declined to comment.

In an article dated September 04, 2002 it was revealed that Gaytan was forced to resign after faking an attack by smearing blood on his face.  No this isn’t an episode of Law and Order!

Gaytan was scheduled to appear for a Police Board hearing Wednesday to answer charges that he violated Police Department rules by threatening to shoot a Southwest Side man during a 1994 arrest, then smearing fake blood on his face to make it appear he had been attacked.

The hearing was canceled upon his resignation. Joseph Roddy, a lawyer representing Gaytan against the department charges, said he did not know what prompted Gaytan to resign.

Gaytan also was the focus of a city investigation into the security firm he co-owned with Santiago Solis, younger brother of Danny Solis, alderman of the 25th Ward and an ally of Mayor Richard Daley.

Gaytan and Santiago Solis opened the firm about three years ago, and it has gotten numerous city contracts, according to a Chicago Tribune investigation reported in June.

Back in August 17th 2008 Santiago Solis was charged with Identity Fraud and found guilty of this charge on March 9, 2009. This is a matter of public record and can be found on the circuit court clerk website.  Below are the complete screen shots of the criminal case involving Solis. One can only shake their head in disappointment how Chicago is actually run. No, it is not like the 1920s gangsters it is your political incest trickling down directly from Washington, DC!  Not to mention Rahm Emmanuel is heir to the Daley Chicago Machine (Former Mayor Daley’s brother served as Obama’s Chief of Staff).

solis 1.png





Based on the sleaziness of the characters involved one could easily envision that something deeply troubling like the Iowa Caucus voter fraud went down during the Trump Rally in Chicago; even in debates Donald Trump  appeared to be set up.  The Trump Rally assault is another text book dirty political move by the Chicago Crime Syndicate.  One local observer made some rather astute comments and connected the dots.

Am I the only conspiracy theorist to make these links:

Santiago Solis was a founding partner of Monterrey Security.

He is the brother of Ald. Danny Solis.

They have a sister, Patti Solis Doyle, who was Hillary’s campaign mgr in 2008 and a senior advisor to Obama’s campaign.

Monterrey Security did gate security and was supposed to ensure only ticketed guests got in the pavilion.

Many protestors were let in who did not have tickets.

Coincidence or Conspiracy?

If you see it on Fox News, remember you saw it here first.


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