Cruz’s Thot


With all of the massive buzz of #OPCruz video from the hacktivist group anonymous warning Ted Cruz to drop out or will be exposed for indulging with prostitutes. Out of the blue, we were given the exclusive. Here is the actual tweet from anonymous.

Anonymous Video

Avenger was given this complete story by submission and we are the first to break this story. First we must break down how this was found. An attorney from Texas, Mr. Hail relinquished a phone to Ted Cruz which has direct contact with a prostitute known as Felicia. As we were given this information, the story is developing as this story is being published. We visited the anonymous account that posted the video to compare information if any released. We found only an image of Felicia and where it was indicated she wore a locket with Cruz’s image on it. Image is below.


We do have the actual image of Felicia below. By comparison images are identical except for the locket.


We believe the Ted Cruz camp is well aware the allegations caught fire on twitter over 24 hours ago. For those in the media claiming Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson is having an affair with Ted Cruz should know, we do have all the evidence that Katrina is free and clear of those allegations. While we sort through this information, we will release the full number that is tied between Cruz and Felicia. We have intentionally redacted the number for now (5**) 23*-***8 given this was handed late tonight. It will take sometime to completely process this enormous amount of recorded information given to Avenger. More to come!


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