The Breitbart Wars


If only Andrew Breitbart was around to see how his legacy became watered down and torn apart by infighting, he would throw up his hands and jump back in the saddle. This election cycle has been the worst and dirtiest yet when it comes to former Breitbarters slinging unverified hash.

The resignation of Ben Shapiro and Michelle Fields is only the beginning. The recent uptick in hires is another red flag . Mainstream Breitbarts Bannon Fields and Shapiro have become biased, card carrying members of the mainstream media. Andrew’s message is echoed in idealogies which are fading with each passing day.  No one knows why Shapiro spearheaded his anti Trump sentiments but his frothing and unhinged support of Ted Cruz seems to have consumed his otherwise unflappable demeanor.  Shapiro has been exposed through all of this as little but a conservative pajama boy and social justice warrior seeking a safe space in the throes of a complete meltdown.  Someone please intervene for Ben, he used to be the darling of the Idiot Right.  Now he’s just an unstable fool getting fired by his employer.

At least he confesses to his adoption of social justice warrior precepts.

And wither John Nolte?  He  has disappeared from twitter.  His razor sharp pro Trump tweets seem to have ended on March 13th 2016.  Whassup John?  Have you been fired or just taking a break? 

Perhaps Nolte went overboard in his defense of Michelle Fields.  As was discussed on Buzzfeed, Nolte backed Fields and has now been silenced in some manner or quit.  Avenger has also discussed serial hoaxer Michelle Fields and her unsubstantiated claims against Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.  It seems sad that Nolte got caught up in the Michelle Fields smear fiasco.  I enjoyed his tweets and hope he resurfaces soon.

nolte fields

One twitter account has been calling out Shapiro tweeting about upcoming complaints against his California bar license.  But @AnonInsider2016 has exited twitter as mysteriously as it entered.  Shapiro has not actually received any bar complaints and is not subject to any investigation at this time according to the California State Bar.

Our owner of Avenger “Franco” pointed out Shapiro’s dark past; perhaps Shapiro being young with an ego much larger than his own life can support resulted in his downfall.  Much like the myth of Icarus, Shapiro flew too close to the sun and his wax wings melted.


Breitbart is about to evolve again while the old guard has abandoned Andrew’s principles and resigned under duress. If you were an avid fan of Breitbart then you can also nod in agreement with the notion that something is afoot and the Breitbart we once knew has disappeared into chaos.  At this time one can only pray that John Nolte will reboot Breitbart into something resembling its orignal form. 

I am sure that the left wing media has been rejoicing over the Shapiro/Fields idiocy further dragging Breitbart news into the lower levels of news purgatory.

Jaybyrd out!


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