Why is Cruz’s Candy Man a Democrat?


We’ve been getting word that many Cruz supporters are in complete denial.  After Ted’s dismal delegate haul on the Ides of March he’s dropped far behind Trump. To make matters worse, details of Pastor Ted’s secret life are starting to emerge.

The information we release here at Avenger News is completely accurate.  Our anonymous source provided more than any of us bargained for. We do in turn leak info to those that we are fans of. 

This movement has attracted many heavyweight political operatives from the days of Ronald Reagan.  Some would call them Lee Atwater’s personal army. 

Today’s short and sweet leak is about Cruz’s candy man. We were instructed to look up through Open Secret and review the firm that employs Mr. Hail. Hail’s bosses are major donors to Joe Baca and Nancy Pelosi going back to 2008. 

The excerpt below is from this firm’s lobbying for the 2009″Farm Bill”.  You may be familiar with the issues over last year getting this bill passed.  John Boehner should instantly trigger a flashback to the pork added to the bill to satisfy Obama and his constituents.  For example,

Key Members of Congress, including Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Collin Peterson D MN are meeting with key Senate Members, Reid, Harkin and Baucus to determine if they can agree on a baseline number for the farm bill that will give them the ability to begin crafting a final farm bill to send to the President by March 15 to preserve the baseline number for the 09 budget and beyond.

Not only do these documents go into detail about the relationship with Ted Cruz, Hail also provided phone numbers to two attorneys.

Park Ave New York, NY (212) 3**-**00

Richmond, VA (804) **8-8**0 

Candy Man must be very busy with all the boys and girls!

We will keep you updated as we continue receiving information and connecting the dots.


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  1. Dawn Carson says:

    Why has Ted Cruz blocked apts for ambassadors to Sweden and Norway? A Utah Sen objected as Ted’s proxy during a hearing I watched on cspan. Other apts also are on hold. Why?


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