Cruz’s North Carolina campaign worker a criminal!

Avenger Exclusive!

This was found in our inbox, and I am letting you in on this tasty morsel.

It appears a well followed Ted Cruz supporter and North Carolina campaign worker is a criminal! This election simply does not disappoint anyone in the media looking for heads to roll.  

The guy behind the twitter account @chucknellis has a disturbing record of abusing women and other domestic issues. One is actually still open today.  The chummy picture below of Ted Cruz with Chuck Nellis shows their deep emotional connection.  Chuck is the guy wearing the “Maniacs for Cruz” t-shirt.  I’m surprised it’s not a wife beater.  He is followed by Cruz’s campaign.  Nellis must be in the Josh Duggar club too. Birds of a feather flock together.

We all remember Josh Duggar, the molester that Ted Cruz and a few other
RINOs vehemently defended, only to see the media make fools of themselves and prove how sick Duggar is. Nellis is not a child molester but does have a history of abusing women. This seems to be a pattern for the Cruz campaign. Remember, when we broke the story on the 
Cruz Hooker?  More of the same.


We can now prove the Nellis – Cruz connection. Is it me or do they both seem uncomfortable with each other? Did one of them do a butt grab?

Below, are the criminal records of Chuck Nellis. Currently two active cases on Nellis and a converted case with the state of Maryland. Isn’t Chuck BFFs with PolitiBunny? Provocateer did a nice story on PolitiBunny.  We admire their work.

chuckie criminal

Nellis claims to be an Evangelical Christian. He does not know what either mean, apparently.  No follower of Christ tweets vile trash like this. 


Such filth spewing from his twitter account.  Not much of Christian, ol’ Chuckie boy.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. C Morris says:

    Of course, if anyone says anything negative about Cruz, Chuck brands them as liars, usually with some choice adjectives. I see 3 significant others on this document–all before Laweez?


  2. Jeff says:

    I knew that fool was up to no good. He has associates on twitter trying to intimidate Trump Supporters. I blocked all of them


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