Ted Cruz throws Liz Mair under the bus!

What will Terrible Ted! not do, to win an election?  No, we’re not talking Klondike Bars!  Cruz seems to have no honor or accountability for the henchmen he hires.  I recently provided the information given about one of his North Carolina campaign workers having a criminal record.  Now Liz Mair is another Cruz worker run over by the Kevin Swanson Ministry bus with Cruz at the wheel!  Mair, Wilson, Jacobus all deserve the venom they accumulated over this election cycle, but Cruz should stand by his polished turds that jumped on the snake oil wagon.  Why won’t Cruz  have Liz Mair’s back?

This is a perfect example of Cruz’s willingness to throw his workers under the Swanson Bus!  Note Cruz’s attack the victim methodology.  It’s pure Alinsky.  Accept no blame and transfer responsibility to the victim.

cruz throws mair under bus

The fact that Cruz did not disavow the racy Facebook Ad from his super PAC again shows his deceit and two faced campaign persona. This juicy tweet called Snake Oil Ted! out for not disavowing the ad.

disavow not

This tweet from @SuperDonald1 seems to confirm a leak from our source that Fiorina’s HP people are in constant contact with Cruz.  

carly involved with ted attacking trump

This was leaked to us with a huge document dump we’re still sorting through on Cruz. One of Cruz’s top contacts was Steve Engel, a Carly Fiorina HP ally!

Steve Engel Former HP

Thank you Super Donald 1, that was awesome work! Keep digging and we may be asking you to join the Avengers!

I am far from defending Liz Mair for her tasteless attacks on Donald J. Trump or his supporters; she is well known for using the same lying tactics as her peers Cheri Jacobus and Rick Wilson (The Three Stooges of the RNC).  It was the effervescent Ms. Mair who lampooned Iowa voters and was quickly fired by Scott Walker.  Mair never learns when it comes to poking voters with sharpened sticks; her client will once again be forced to disavow her even though she is hiding behind the legal fiction of the Super PAC.  

She is far from being a victim, while being the aggressor on twitter in her never ending assault on Donald Trump.  This tweet below is a golden moment, where she reveals her leftist influence and twists any incoming backlash.  Note how Liz plays the woman as victim card!  Just another shameless political flunky, no wonder she shills for Cruz.


Mair might have her mother’s money to ready pay for the lawyers required to muzzle opposing twitter viewpoints, but the odds of her getting them before Trump being elected President are remote at best.  Just more posturing and covering her own vile attacks, like so many others that attack the general public for supporting Trump.   See Cruz hack Ben Shapiro ride in as the “White Knight” who tries to diffuse the Cruz/Mair connection.  Ben has more on his plate now than jumping on a failed bandwagon. This will prove to be another flogging for the conservative pajama boy.


My word to John Nolte, ask why Cruz is not disavowing the sleazy Liz Mair ad?  Why is he not disavowing Fiorina’s connection to the ad?  Why is he continuing to deceive and cover his own tasteless attacks on Trump and family?  John, anytime you want info on what we have, our contact is posted.  We’re fans of your work as well.  Glad to see you back in the saddle, all we need is that 76 firebird with no rear spoiler.

These two tweets really sum up Mair’s empty threats for being called a “Liar”.


 One final thing, next time Mair claims any violations of her privacy, be sure to sue the publications for providing your information.  Oh, it’s a matter of public record?  See this from the Washington Post:

Oak St. N., 1401, No. G4-James A. Norris to Mark E. Strong and Elizabeth A. Mair, $665,000. 

You can’t make this stupidity up.  You should have told your boy Mark to lighten his digital footprint.  Or LinkedIn for your stupidity of putting your info out there for all to see including Mark’s linkedin profile.  See Mark E. Strong.


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