Shots Fired! Jacobus Takedown!

Sometime around  around midnight Eastern Time mysterious microblogger @EdvisoryCouncil  took out anti Trump hack Cheri Jacobus with a barrage of rapid fire tweets. The evidence Edvisory presented was so damning, a clearly rattled Jacobus had trouble even typing her responses. I haven’t witnessed such an artful take down since the bloggers over at “The Provocateer” boiled @PolitiBunny.   The ensuing backlash forced Bunny off Twitter.  She meekly returned several weeks later and is now a shadow of her former presence.

It began with Edvisory shredding Jacobus’s go to line that Donald Trump lied about her asking him for a job.


Edvisory’s response was a direct hit.


Well ladies and Gentlemen, we have a real life operative among us and the name is Edvisory.  Jacobus is well known for tweeting about other twitter accounts behind a block.  This is an all too familiar tactic with many political accounts that prefer this under handed mode of back talking.  Edvisory asked Jacobus why she unblocked him after keeping him blocked for several months.


I found this puzzling myself unless there was more to the story.  But Edvisory knew why Jacobus unblocked him and it was obvious.  Then Edvice delivered the knockout punch.


Cheri’s responses as you would imagine are rather hackneyed and weak.

She doesn’t offer much of a defense besides referring to Trump supporters as Trumpkins.  Tres witty!

And some other loons chimed in.  This is Twitter after all.  I don’t get the whole Melania Trump hatred angle.  It would seem if you hated her you wouldn’t be spreading amazing pictures of her all over the Internet.  But hey, I’m okay with it.

Melania haters would better off showing pictures in which she looked less attractive.  You know, more like Heidi Cruz.  Who would you rather have as First Lady?

Hideous Heidi

Jacobus quickly wilted under the Edvice barrage.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.  Winner by knockout, Edvice!

But stay tuned, Edvisory has the truth bomb on Jacobus, and he is ready  to lower the biggest boom yet! 









3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ed Grafke says:

    Horn dog Cruz
    Sexy predator of co-workers
    & Payfull Prostitues..
    The Good Judgement to
    Make America Suck Eight
    Cruz ya Lose!


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