Who is the Blue Horse Shoe? Exclusive Release

Known as @EdvisoryCouncil on twitter has been at the forefront as a “Capo” exposing Trump’s opposition. He has been a story here on Avenger, for his artful and precise take down of Cheri Jacobus.

Shots Fired! Jacobus Takedown!

And now, Stephen Stone one of Ed’s closest has given Avenger a complete exclusive about Ed. Without any edits or retractions we will provide the story in full disclosure.

Caught Up in The Game
By: Stephen Stone
I first “met” Cheri Jacobus late afternoon January 2, 2016 while tweeting.  Up to this point, I was weighing options with regards to whom I would support for President.  This Presidential Cycle shaped up to be the first one that I’ve sat out since 1980.  It was hard to do as I started in the business as a young lad running errands, making copies, and answering the phones for a well-known Republican Political Organization.  Then it all came back.

I withdrew from the game after working externally to help President win election, as I did in 2008.  In fact, I have worked for the winning side in every campaign my entire career.  Don’t hate me, I had my reasons, some of the same reasons that I now externally support the candidacy of Donald J. Trump.  But this cycle was starting to turn into something more sinister, more corrupt than the dirtiness of all campaigns combined.

Exhibit A was my engagement with self-proclaimed political expert Cheri Jacobus.  I was on my own coming around to supporting Trump. Like most people, I wrote him off as a joke, and caricature of a Reagan wannabe with a splash of Howard Stern & Gordon Gekko.  I came across @cherijacobus by mere coincidence and after sharing a positive sentiment about Trump, the gloves came off. “Trumpkin,”derived from “Bumpkin,” etc.

Having met and worked with many consultants, operatives, and government staff across all branches of government, I was flabbergasted that a “professional” would talk in such a manner.  I concluded that she was damaged goods when she suggested that I google her.  Boy, did I ever.  Except I don’t use the same search engine that most folks do.  I picked up the phone and called my former handler.  After being given an insight as to the development of the election cycle, I accepted an invitation to meet in DC the following Wednesday to hear a proposal.

I was absolutely appalled as to how low the “game” had sunk in just 4 years.  I heard rumblings that Roger Stone (no relation) was calling foul on behalf of Trump, and for him to say that after all that he’s seen and heard, led me to volunteer to lead the fight to level the playing field.  As a matter of disclosure, I have never worked as staff, paid or unpaid, for the campaign of any President. I’ve volunteered, interned, and/or worked for external independent organizations my entire career.  I have never donated to any political campaign at any level, although PAC’s that I support make contributions on behalf of their members.

My task was not small.  I volunteered to design and implement an external campaign strategy that would guarantee that Trump, should he deliver on his end, have a fair shot at winning the GOP nomination, and subsequently the Presidency in November.  My handler is a professional political operative dedicated to the containment of the New World Order, as am I.  Space here and time left in the campaign is too limited to expound on the aforementioned statement.  You will simply have to take my word for it.  After 2 months of design, research, networking, and testing, I was ready to go full operational. Specifically, the person you may know as Edvice or Blue Horse Shoe began to reveal his identity, whether online or in person.  I will tell you that I am not Edvice. Ed, which is his real name, is a trusted colleague. We are separated by 1 degree.

To those familiar with the Craft of Freemasonry will know what I mean.  All of you will eventually meet Ed, and Ed will be attacked. Ed has been a loyal friend and confidante for over 30 years.  Ed will not break, and Ed will never sell me out.  The movement is too important, the stakes too high, but I digress.

Over the upcoming weeks, our unit will begin disseminating our Counter Offensive.  I assure you, that no one knows we’re coming.  No poll or political calculation will account for our operations.  We have committed operatives across the nation who are leading the fight, and I can assure you, that we command a loyal core following of no less than 1,000 trusted grassroots volunteers committed to #TrumpArmy.  We will have 100,000 in operation by the June 7th Primaries.  Laughing yet?  Good.

The threats to the candidacy and even the life of Mr. Trump are real.  Having been on the side that would eventually threaten the family H. Ross Perot, I’m here to tell you that every word in Roger Stone’s book is true, except I heard many of those chapters from someone very close to Roger who has long since passed away.  It was at the deathbed that I was told to never trust George H.W. Bush, and if it spoke to my heart, commit to fighting all that he stood for.  Those words resonated back to my Uncle Ted sharing the same with me in 1987 as to his take on the Bush Family when I shared with him my upcoming endeavor to intern for a Political Action Committee loyal to Bush.

I assure you that Donald J. Trump will be the Republican Nominee for President, and he will be our 45th President come January 20th, 2017.  However, the opposition has roadblocks every step of the way through the Convention and even as far as January 6th and beyond. The tactics and maneuvers of the opposition include, but are not limited to:  Identification, intimidation, and even assault of lawfully elected Trump delegates.

Election of Trojan Trump Delegates who are obligated to vote for Trump by law up to a certain amount of delegates, yet will vote to corrupt the rules of the convention and in concert with motions and points of order during the convention via parliamentary procedure.  Delegates are free to vote however they choose with regards to non-candidate votes.  Challenging the credentials of Trump Delegates, which will then allow Trojan Horse Alternates to take their place.

A 3rd party/Independent candidacy specifically pointed at 3-4 states with the goal of denying any one candidate 270 electoral votes.  Think I’m joking? Look at the 2000 results. If Mitt Romney had run a 3rd party campaign in Utah and won, the election results would’ve been nullified and Bush v. Gore would’ve never happened as the election would’ve taken place in the House of Representatives in accordance with the 12th Amendment.  More to come on this after we deal with events leading up to the convention.  And much, much more

In closing, I have developed a counter measure to each and every strategy that the opposition has thought of, or will think of related to this election.  There are many details, but I will share with you this one final observation then my declaration of war.  It is painfully obvious that the opposition is holding the convention and the electoral college hostage, even willing to give the Presidency to Hillary Clinton if need be.  This is because at the end of the day, Hillary Clinton, is loyal to the New World Order. Her act plays on a different channel, but is the same old song and dance that is played on Fox News.

My declaration of war is this:  We too, now hold a hostage. Effective immediately, I have targeted 25 House Republicans for electoral elimination.  Just enough to make the opposition feel my wrath.  Should Donald J Trump be treated unlawfully at the Republican Convention (I decide what is unfair) and/or we have any shenanigans related before the General Election, such as a 12A Strategy, I will order the defeat of the 25 House Republicans on my Blacklist.  Not enough to hand the House to the Democrats, but enough to show you that we mean business.  Should you escalate this war, I will have no choice but to go to my 2nd Blacklist and then hand your majority to the Democrats. This is the Samson Option.

Trump Opposition, you have been warned.  My threat is not idle, we are #TrumpArmy, we are #TrumpStrong, and we put America over party.  Cease unlawful opposition forthwith or you will feel the incremental pain of my version of Political Lingchi.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. TheTruth says:

    Check out Rule 30. The establishment is going down that road.


  2. tempo150101 says:

    Honestly, if the GOPe succeeds in their dirty tricks against Trump, I’m going to push every single Democrat button on the election machine. Right down to the proverbial dog catcher. Not only will they hand the election to Hillary, if enough people are that angry (and it doesn’t really take that many), everything will be handed to Democrats.


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