Co-Exclusive Release “The Political War”By Steven Stone

We received this late and we all have been working overtime to get all these stories out! It has been such an amazing Monday and we are sure more bombshells to come out. This is a late release that was slated to come out late Monday night, we decided to blast this during twitter prime time! As, we have done previously with stories from Steven Stone, we present this with no edits.

A Political Declaration of War
By: Stephen Stone

As a follow-up to my Caught Up in the Game post, it is fairly apparent that the time has come to declare political war on the corrupt Republican Political Oligarchy.  I can go into all the details regarding reasons for this much needed declaration, but my conclusion will still be the same: There is a conspiracy to disenfranchise millions of voters who support Donald J. Trump for President.

This declaration is being declared on behalf of no less than 1,000 colleagues and friends within Trump Nation who have reviewed this declaration and are committed to seeing it through to victory.  It is our belief that our declaration will receive the rapid, exponential support of no less than 100,000 pledged soldiers in the upcoming War that will take place during the remainder of the primaries, at the convention, the Fall Campaign, the Electoral College, and perhaps beyond.
I have defined the primary enemy as the Republican Power Structure, The Consultant Class, and their New World Order Co-Conspirators.  The lead political assassin of the opposition is none other than racist, borderline criminal Rick Wilson and his co-conspirator Turd Blossom, aka Karl Rove. Rick Wilson has essentially committed to the strategy that a Hillary Clinton Presidency is more palatable than a Trump Presidency.  It’s fairly obvious that this is because Hillary Clinton is a New World Order Disciple from the liberal wing of the NWO.
Rick Wilson is the accessory and/or architect of political arson including the sacking of Michael Dukakis, Willie Horton, and worse yet, the torching of Wounded Warrior War Hero Max Cleland.  My war against my operative enemies is not unlike the battles fought in the Kill Bill Series by Protagonist Beatrix Kiddo, aka Black Mamba. After taking out the political assassins one by one, such as Cheri Jacobus, Liz Mair, Rich Lowery, Bill Kristol, Dana & Chris Loesch, Ben Shapiro, and Karl Rove…I will fight my and win The Final Battle with Rick Wilson, aka Snake Charmer.

So what of this Political Declaration of War? Quite simply I hold in my hand a list of 60 hostages represented by 60 Republican Members of Congress.  Most of these Members hold power in strategic swing districts. For those who are still considered “safe” won’t be safe after we shift away 20-30% of the support that they bank on each election. I say hostages as it’s evident that Rick Wilson and his Cabal now hold the Convention and the Electoral College hostage with their various schemes, even willing to kill those hostages by handing them over to a weak nominee or even worse, to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Over the upcoming weeks, I will publicize my Blacklist, starting with 25 primary hostages targeted for defeat.  I picked 25 so that the Republicans can feel our wrath without placing the House Majority in jeopardy.  Our first target is Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX).  Hurd is former CIA and an opponent of any type of meaningful border security. His incumbency represents a Clear and Present Danger to the security of our nation.

However, if The Cabal escalates this war, we will have no choice but to trigger our Samson Option of Mutually Assured Destruction by eliminating the House Majority.  If Rick Wilson is determined to give the Convention to Mitt Romney or some other perennial GOP/NWO loser during the convention or during a 3rd Party 12th Amendment/NO 270 strategies, then conversely, we will use our #StraightBlue strategy to inflict mortal pain on the Cabal and drive a Democrat Dagger through their heartless chests! If need be, we will truly make the House of Representatives: The House of Blues!
Hopefully The Cabal will heed our call for a level playing field and let the election be decided by the voters.  We propose the following as grounds for Mutual Surrender:  The proposal and ratification of all 2012 Republican Convention Rules “As Is” for the 2016 Republican National Convention, including Rule 40.  If these rules were good enough for Mitt Romney, they are good for Donald Trump.
The cease & desist of any strategy to disenfranchise lawfully elected Trump Delegates by the Credentials Committee
The opposition will cease & desist with regards to supporting a 3rd party candidate for the specific purpose of denying the Donald Trump 270 delegates, resulting in the nullification of the General Election vote.  In this event, the election will be decided in the corrupt House of Representatives.  If this appears to come to coming to fruition, we will terminate the services of all 60 of our House Hostages.
It is time to put nation over party. Let the voters decide at the Ballot Box, not secret Island Meetings with The Cabal underwritten by sinister, corrupt New World Order Conspirators like George Soros, The Koch & Wilks Bros, and Paul Singer. We are #TrumpStrong, we march in The #TrumpArmy, we will dance victorious Jan. 20th when Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of The United States of America.  We promise to lead, will you follow us into battle?



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  1. politijim says:

    probably an ignorant comment here but please indulge me. If they are willing to give up power to Hillary Dems, why would they are about losing the House also? (Also, is there anyone on “our side” attempting to monitor the electronic malfeasance that happened in the Maine, Kansas, Oklahoma elections? )


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