Kansas Mayor attacks Trump supporters, has stalked women on social media since 2014

Our latest tip takes us far away from the slugfest that is the 2016 Presidential Campaign and plops us down in the middle of Kansas.  Imagine that instead of leaving Kansas, Dorothy is dropped into a corrupt town run by a lovesick mayor.  Call it reverse Oz.  Here there is no man behind the curtain but rather a rather portly man behind a computer.  A man who by all accounts, likes to stalk and abuse women.  Are you starting to get the picture?  Think the Cowardly Lion without any of the charm or redemptive qualities.  Imagine lots of harassing tweets sent to women who aren’t your wife.  Imagine if you will the Mayor of Valley Falls Kansas.  We dub him the Cowardly Mayor.  Sorry Dorothy and other women of Twitter, you *are* in Kansas.

Cowardly Mayor

This elected official, charged with serving the citizens of Valley Falls, has been stalking women since 2014. He also has befriended three known felons and loves to troll Trump supporters.  One of our blogger friends, yes the one and same that took down PolitiBunny,  gave us some updated information about this scum lord mayor.

Charles Lee Stutesman Mayor of Valley Falls is a CyberBully and Stalker.  He preys upon women on twitter.  He claims he supports women but have a look at his account and you will see otherwise. Among his victims are @shinypenny2016, @angiedrue who are ruthlessly and regularly attacked without any true provocation.  He has stalked both women on Twitter since 2014.  If this was a run of the mill twitter spat it would not be a two year ongoing saga.

We were also given the follow up from the Provocateer entitled “Mayor Charles Stutesman Valley Falls Kansas farting with the Devil”.  In spite of the grammatical errors it is damning.  Our source said it will provide screenshots of direct messages of Mayor Stutesman threatening @angiedrue.

The  Mayor keeps some interesting company.  Here are  the three known felons, Charles “Charlie” Stutesman cavorts with.

  1.  Neil Rauhuaser: Also on twitter, a complete background found on Rauhauser and his criminal record.  Allegations of wife beating are listed in his records. If it rings a bell, it reminds us of a Cruz Campaign staffer with a criminal record  we recently profiled who is twitter famous.  Who is Neal Rauhauser?
  2. Michael Vanderwall (also on Twitter and trolls along with @charliestutes) who operated an unlicensed puppy mill.  He claimed an argument with his wife caused him to set fire the structure that houses the puppies.  This was reported in the media and is a matter of public record: Ozark breeder gives up 200 dogs.   We have provided his mughsot for your viewing pleasure (or not).MV1
  3. Jason Wade Taylor

He too is on twitter (@HahnAmerica) and is best friends with our aformentioned twitter famous Cruz supporter with a checkered past, Chuck Nellis and K98 Talk employee Politibunny (A routine check of her LinkedIn profile reveals she is currently employed by K98 Talk).  Jason wade Taylor has multiple accounts on twitter but we provided you the account best known and used.  For your viewing pleasure, Jason Wade Taylor’s mugshot.

jason wade taylor 3

I find it disturbing  that small town America and Kansas would knowingly permit this conduct by the Cowardly Mayor.  My intuition says they aren’t fully aware of the extent of his twitter activity.  I suggest the good people of Valley Falls read this story and spread the word to everyone in Kansas, including politicians.  This needs to end now!  No one deserves to be stalked or harassed to no end for 2 years!  I was also told @angiedrue is a military wife and her husband is on missions in the Middle East.  But this Cowardly Mayor has the gall to stalk these women for two years and counting.  Be sure to show a little love and pass this along to every office in Kansas! We must stop this mayor from ever stalking another woman again!



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