A Call to Action Trumpsters Unite!

trump train

Here I am again, doing another story because this is important me. In the last few days, there is a trend of fights behind once united Trump supporters and coordinated attacks by Cruz supporters on the social media mecca “Twitter”.  I am exhausted and completely disgusted with the childish fights going on! I watched two well known Trump supporters clash, while other Trump supporting accounts are bitterly attacked and some even threatened. In all of my life, I have never witnessed such ugliness between people during any election cycle EVER!

I am in favor of Donald J. Trump being president after seeing Ted Cruz become a sudden prophecy dreamed up by his father. The same father that left him and his mother to drink and whore around. Then miraculously finds religion as a new hobby, I am afraid this not as accurate as Cruz would love to paint his father. Evangelist do not enter into religion looking for a hobby nor do it for God. Ever heard the term “Selling Angels”? Rafael made a fortune selling those angels, just as Oral Roberts and countless other ministries have for centuries. I never believed any one man should be paid to share the word of Christ, because it means he is no longer an honest man. My uncle still reverend works even in his late 60s are a carpenter all week, while taking Sunday to preach the word of God. Tell me Ted Cruz supporters does your candidate really believe he is chosen by God? The same man who’s Ivy Law school education was paid by his father’s swindling old people for money just as many of these snake oil ministries do? Shall we go down this road? Do you need to wake from Teddy Jones’s kool aid to only see that a short pathetic liar and deceiver dressed in a cheap monkey suit thinking he is invincible while loading lines of cocaine up his nose as many in DC do? I’m sorry, didn’t you know it is only you the peons required to take a drug test for any job public or private.

And while, suck up to pay homage to this golden calf “Nimrod”, your idiotic attacks only prove to those cogent on twitter an absence of thought. Like drones in a beehive, go retweet this, go attack this account, go to this group and tweet what ever is posted. I am amazed not one soul on the Trump side has acknowledged or tweeted this. That is a serious let down to see Trumpsters fighting and allowing other Trumpsters to be attacked. I would say to you all, when they attack one of yours, you take out 10 of theirs, when they threaten one of yours, you group report and have that account suspended (be sure in the email once you get it define the exact TOS rule in why it is reported). When they realize their scheme no longer works, start looking for the infiltrators in your groups. Just don’t go out there and accuse an account of being an actual Cruz shill, be smart about this. The real smart accounts never let on, so you have to start looking at follows and followers. Most of these accounts are mainly dependent that you will not vet their account in that order. I know of several groups as of now that are actually suspected Ted Cruz supporters, we have to be smart, calm and three times more cunning.


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  1. politijim says:

    That is sad. I listened to Cruz’s father on the Carl Gallups show a month or two back. My impression is that he just isn’t a very sharp guy. I didn’t however get that he was insincere. In fact, after hearing how much he relies on his son’s take on things, I felt a little sorry for him that his own son was basically using him for votes and access.

    But starting on Monday, I did notice an unprecedented aggressiveness and energy from the Cruzies. Challenge everything all the time. I’m convinced that the GOPe is in cahoots with the pollsters to lay the possibility of a Cruz win, so that when Cruz uses his Palantir/Mercer vote skimming system to steal the election – most observers won’t blink. There is NO WAY Cruz was Oklahoma or Maine or possibly Kansas. Trump rallies have lines for miles in Wisconsin and the parking lot of the Cruz rally isn’t even nearly full 30 minutes before he speaks. There is a huge con going on…. but I’m not personally convinced Rafael Sr is in on it.


  2. red6242 says:

    I pray to God that something is being done to prevent voter fraud because so far they have been able to get away with it just about every time they do it and Trump is getting way way way more people to see him in Wisconsin than Cruz. Something is just so off that Trump should be way ahead in Wisconsin and I fear that the Establishment and Cruz will us massive voting fraud once again and nothing can be done to stop it.


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