Cruz supporter targets Black lives protester

We were handed a video of a Cruz supporter coming out of nowhere and attacking a black lives supporter.  Throughout the video the Cruz supporter becomes physically agitated, coming within inches of sucker punching the black lives protester.  The entire time the black lives protestor does not react to the Cruz supporter’s threatening language, instead this protester exercises great restraint and stays on message.  It’s more restraint than I would have shown in the face of this loud mouth Cruz supporter.  No name were given in the video, but you can see in the background media camera crews were present and there were multiple witnesses.  Like most Cruz thugs, this guy loves to launch into mindless personal attacks and harass and humiliate those that disagree with him.  He takes after his hero, the congenital liar, Ted Cruz.

You can plainly see this abusive Cruz Crew minion repeatedly point his finger in a very threatening manner, almost touching the protester.  Without question, Michelle Fields, Dana Loesch, Katie Pavlich, Megyn Kelly, Amanda Carpenter and other leftist shills would be pressing charges if it was a Trump supporter.  Yet, the media will not cover these hostile attacks by increasingly desperate Cruz supporters.  Below is the the explosive footage of the altercation between the Black Lives Matter protester and the Cruz Crew goon.  This is the shorter version.  There is a longer version floating around, perhaps will post that here later.



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