When a Jaybird told “Tweety”

This is likely going to lead up to some surprises for many people when it comes up to the general election. Two accounts on twitter are going all out under deep cover to expose criminals of twitter and dirty politics. I would consider them “Black Ops” and far beyond what anonymous is known for. While all the anonymous videos out there none of these so called videos have produced anything. The real anonymous does not interfere with geopolitical elections, real anonymous are the ones that primarily target government itself not an election for the people.

Coming ahead on the Avenger is a long and bumpy road of hard cold facts, exposing a lot of accounts on twitter, the truth behind the GOP endgame and the Shakespeare cliche tied to it.

Who is this one Trump group attacking well known Trump supporters? Why are they infiltrating 100s of groups? Why are some of them attacking RWSuferGirl1 and Bill Mitchell aren’t we all Trump supporters?  We will expose who they are, let’s say they all have records. Maybe, they should call themselves felons for Trump. There is nothing more distracting, disruptive, and defeating than a group of speed freaks that are up to nothing more than tearing a tightly knit conservative community down. My buddy, madscape gave me info on these guys and we will be doing this story.

Last but never least more Cruz dirt to come and as we learned that Jaybyrd, Marshall, and Franco all have been deadly accurate with information.



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