The Jacobus that stalked a Trump


Long time harasser of Donald J. Trump, Cheri Jacobus has filed a civil lawsuit against Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski seeking 4 million dollars in damages.  Let’s not mince words, this is a politically motivated stunt designed to give the desperate, attention starved Jacobus some airplay the night before the New York Primary.   As the article infers this lawsuit is also about Jacobus trying to save face after betting her career on bashing Trump and losing big.  Essentially, she blames Trump for tweeting about her and feels Trump and Lewandowski are responsible for the backlash she received on twitter.  Trump claims she begged him for a job, which she denies.

The tweets, to Trump’s more than 6 million followers, unleashed “an avalanche of vicious ridicule and scorn,” the suit says. She was called a “whore,” “b—h” and “nutcase,” the suit says.

And then came the photographs “with gruesomely altered features.”

The “numerous graphic illustrations as an appropriate victim for rape and sexual assault” included “images of Jacobus bent over naked being raped from behind,” according to court papers.

“These statements incited a virtual campaign of abuse and harassment against Jacobus, causing enormous damage to her career and reputation, significant emotional distress and holding her up to public ridicule,” the suit says.

The New York resident lost bookings and requests for media appearances dried up, her suit says.

But exactly who is Cheri Jacobus?  She’s woman who sits on twitter all day tweeting horrible things about Donald Trump.  Soon after Trump launched his campaign back in 2015, she began circulating lies about Trump.  She fabricated a fictional narrative about how Trump and his supporters were connected to  White Supremacist and Nazi groups.  You know the oldest trick in the Liberal playbook.

When allowed on air, Jacobus relentlessly bashes Donald Trump.   Is someone paying her for anti Trump vitriol or is she perhaps a scorned woman?  Her attitude betrays the latter, as the all the characteristics of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

“Trump is in a Nazi outfit pushing the button to gas me,” Jacobus told MSNBC

Below is a chart which shows how low level operatives like Jacobus use twitter to smear and malign Donald Trump with tried and true Saul Alinsky tactics.


You may recall our previous article discussing a past run-in with Cheri Jacobus, Shots Fired! Jacobus Takedown!

And some have found her to be somewhat aggrssive in the past.

A quick run through of her current twitter feed reveals mostly rabid hate filled screeds against Donald Trump and his campaign.   Cheri has a festering hatred of Donald Trump that is on display each every day in an endless stream of hate filled tweets.  She is obsessed.

Note she’s still clinging to the Nazi smear!






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