Liberal Teacher’s Union President seeks to derail First Amendment


Maryland State Education Association Union President Elizabeth Weller is seeking to overthrow one of the most basic principles of the Constitution.  The Baltimore Sun broke the story, in which Weller called for Republican Presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump to be blocked from using school gymnasiums for his rallies.


At first, I thought that maybe an ethics issue played a role in this. It is on public record that Weller is  a registered Democrat. Below is the public record showing her allegiance to the democrats.

weller contributions

Without any reservation, we can call this a deliberate and divisive attack on each and every American’s Constitutional rights. Has anyone informed Weller that as long as schools are paid with tax dollars their union does not own any of these properties?  Someone should inform her that she lack standing to make such an argument

Also, this union president may have violated ethics rules on this as well. Clearly, this is politically motivated.

I made a call to this union and expressed my concern wirh its president’s overreach. I also  questioned her ethics. As an exercise of your first amendment rights you also can voice your concerns as well.





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