Behind the Red Hat

Who is the REAL Microchip?


Social media is the nature of the beast for a haven for narcissist and sociopaths like Justin McConney. He hides behind a profile where he can and does manipulate at will. The narcissist in him gathers thousands of friends to be the center of attraction and create a world where he has become the King of retweets. Justin McConney aka MicroChip WDFx2EU has bought a bot program like Tweet Attacks Pro where he can load thousands of Twitter accounts and do with those accounts as he pleases.

tweet attacks pro

You can be King of social media, create minions by the thousands. Turn people into puppets by making them feel important by having your robotic army retweet their tweets. Steven Jobs used psyOPs pitting Mac against Apple. He loves to attack people just to see how much he can make them dance. What a playground it is! A sociopath has no feelings, so for entertainment creating retweet groups or taking over ones from others that created them to rule over like a dictator. He loves to create misery and he will do anything he can. Many accounts have came forward about his methods of terrorizing accounts on twitter, simply because they would not fall in line to do his bidding. Twitter is Microchip/Justin’s theater and the sheep who follow him blindly are the actors to entertain him, after a drugged fueled night of Adderall and pounding Rockstars that he even brags about in posts.

His attacks are frequent and often, likely due to the Adderall in his system. Here is the comparison by the FDA of Adderall and Methamphetamine.

Adderall is an amphetamine and so is meth, and although they produce similar effects, they are not the same. They are close relatives in terms of their structure. Methamphetamine has the amphetamine molecule ‘methyl’. Methyl hastens the fat solubility of amphetamine to enable the drug to plunge deeper in the brain.

Meaning Meth simply is more instant of a high than Adderall, but has the same effect as any abuser of amphetamines. Paranoia, agitation, aggressive and irrational behavior all are only just a few symptoms of an amphetamine abuser. To back this claim here are cited examples at work.

micro threats to dox

Over a disagreement and nothing more, another example:

micro op trump

Fascinations of working with the CIA and FBI, yet the account is deleted mysteriously. No one will publicly in the open acknowledge they have an account that is operated in concert with the FBI or CIA, this is explicitly unheard of.

Another example of Microchip’s attacks and irrational logic comes to no surprise when he attacked long time conservative account and well known to be featured even on Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets @RWSurferGirl1. Using one of his thousands of accounts to attack and allege she is a Ted Cruz operative. When, we all know since the day Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy, she supported him.

claiming surfer girl a cruz op

The attacks did not stop there, as some of his cohorts were behind it as well. Insultingly enough claiming to be associated with anonymous. Anyone, who understands the true anonymous, involvement in geopolitical issues are a forbidden fruit. It’s conception was only to give the voice of people not geopolitics.

threatens surfer girl

Many have came in their name and many have been exposed, I will personally expose this myself. As more will come out on this series of “Behind the Red Hat”. This tweet spoke in volumes to me after taking a month tracking Microchip and speaking with many in the intelligence community of why even Dan Scavino would follow this account (as of recent Dan Scavino unfollowed).


Too many to choose from Jennifer, unless you chop off the head of the snake that is the puppeteer.

Our society is oriented towards creating success for a sociopath — someone who can charm, deceive, or manipulate to get where they want in life, whether it be in business or relationships. In their wake, they leave damaged individuals that were disposed of after they no longer were useful to the sociopath’s agenda. Healthy individuals have a conscience to prevent harm to others, yet sociopaths don’t have anything stopping them.

McConney has a unique way of covering himself and his tracks. No video or audio content of McConney exists currently. This may be the clue is to why, very little is left on the internet when searching for McConney.

Justin stated in a interview the he’s been working for Trump since 2011 but Campaign finance experts told International Business Times that the relatively small sums Trump’s campaign has paid McConney — three installments of $747 between August and September — raise red flags about whether the campaign is paying fair market value for his services as required under federal election laws. “If he’s working for under-market rates, then that raises the suspicion that he’s being subsidized by the company to do the work,” said Craig Holman, an ethics expert at the watchdog group Public Citizen. If the Trump Organization “is subsidizing this person to do campaign work, that would be an illegal corporate contribution to the campaign,” Holman said. “In the past, regulators have looked at whether a campaign reimburses the employer and if services to a campaign caused an employee to spend less time on matters for their employer, among other things,” Anna Massoglia, a researcher at the Center for Responsive Politics, told IBT. “In this case, the difference is that the lines are a lot blurrier. It’s especially difficult to differentiate between McConney’s job at the Trump Organization and any services he provides to the campaign because social media for the man, the brand and the candidate inherently have some overlap.”

How does McConney not get by without paying his fair share of taxes? Is he above the law?

Quoted From the Drum:

”During the chat, McConney told the audience about how he got his start working with Trump five years ago. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, he was working as a freelance video editor and knew someone at the Trump Organization’s golf division who asked him to create a video that would “hype up the crowd” at a Trump event in Florida. McConney pitched to Trump the following week to see if he would hire him as director of new media. Trump said yes, and the rest is history.”

What Justin forgot to tell the Drum is that his father not only worked for Donald Trump for almost 30 years but was also in business with him with a few companies. I wonder why he just didn’t tell the Drum the TRUTH? Was he ashamed that the only reason he got the job is because of who his father was? Below is the complete evidence to back up so far what is happening before our every eyes on how one spoiled brat decided he wanted to be Steven Jobs.

jeff trump link

jeff trump 2

jeff trump 3

I am sure some of you are angry now and in disbelief while others are nodding in agreement. I recused my staff from this as I alone decided to publish this story. Ask yourself this, are all his online fans real? Social media activity and popularity does not necessarily translate to the polls or electoral success. But there is another side, which is the existence of bot or spam followers and supporters and likes. One study found that of Trump’s millions of Facebook followers, only 42% were from America. Many followers were from developing countries, in particular countries in Asia. 1 in 27 of Trump’s followers was based in Malaysia. What does this mean? It means that much of Trump’s online support is coming from places notorious for online and social media fraud. It is common for individuals to be paid by brands and companies to “like” their products and events to give the impression of popularity. And so-called “like farms” and comment armies are often used by undemocratic parties in certain parts of the world (Russia, for example). But he might of bought his followers there but he’s a one man show who harasses anyone who doesn’t conform to his drug fueled nights on twitter. Some serious research was done on Justin McConney and his online activities and as suspected he was watching porn on Trumblr while tweeting and attacking people on twitter. One thing is for sure, Microchip/McConney didn’t cover up phone records or his social media too well.

Microchip/McConney went after Cheryl Jacobus with all of his fake accounts like a vicious dog, he even bragged about it for weeks. He tweeted: ” I put that old bitch on her knees” Now Donald Trump is facing a lawsuit filed but Jacobus

Jacobus Law Suit

Another tip off was this tweet, micro denying

Not only does NRO suspect him now, Adderall must be one hell of a drug! It is highly expensive and Microchip’s consumption rate can only spell someone has money to burn! His narcissistic attitude gives him away every time, tell all is in this article with the drum. He claims, ” I am the Agency”. I am the agency

I will report more, as my investigation continues!


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