RE: Trump campaign brings in lobbyists for key posts


Like a slug’s slimy trail Politico again asserts themselves at the whimpering request of the Ted Cruz campaign.

Trump campaign brings in lobbyists for key posts

I have had quite enough of this! And let’s clear the air with exactly who Ted Cruz is in bed with. Below is everyone with Ted Cruz, one of our reliable sources gave us the entire list of Cruz’s top. Do not be surprised to see how pro-establishment Cruz really is! Jeff Roe, I am on to you and what ever you can sling, I can sling it better!

Cruz’s lobbyist and operatives:

Todd M Smith: Lobbyist
Evan Smith:
Owner of Texas Tribune

Yes both above are related.

Diane Johnson Wooley
Salvation Army

Owner of Dogwood strategies

Todd Zywicki: George Mason University Foundation Professor of Law at George Mason University School of Law, Executive Director of the Law & Economics. Specializes in Bankruptcy. Likely to target DJT over Atlantic City? July 2009 Jan 11, 2010  Apr 01, 2014

Paul D Perry:

Steve Engel : Formerly worked HP! Carly Fiorina

William Rivera: VP of AARP

Teresa Carney: Director, System Monitoring & Oversight at Texas Department of Insurance

Jonathan Saenz: Gay basher

Debbie Riddle: Texas House Member

Bill Rice: Sr. Compliance Counsel at Diamond Offshore Houston, Texas Area Oil & Energy

Babs Wheel: Dallas/Fort Worth Area – ‎Publisher: Faultline USA Blogger

Elaine Amos Hackett: Allied operative with Bush and Clinton

Jill Schroeder Vieth: Rep. Mark Sanford (R-South Carolina, 1st) worked in office

D’andra Simmon: Heir to billionaire multiconglomerate business owner Pharm Drug manufacturer

Leslie Gromis Baker: Bush insider and lobbyist

Katie Willett Santarelli: Vice President Riggs, Counselman Michaels & Downes Inc. Lobbyist

Rebecca Gentry:  Executive Director for Campaign Strategic Initiatives

Craig Goldman State Representative Craig Goldman (R-Fort Worth)

Gab Forsyth: Bush operative and top gov insider

Tandy Harrison: Bush Consultant and working as Cruz strategist

This should even the playing field a lot! Careful media what move you make next, I am always three steps ahead thanks to these brave sources that submit this information.



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