It’s the End of the GOPe as We Know it and I Feel Fine

After Donald J. Trump’s resounding delegate victory on March 15 the disgusting and corrupt Republican Establishment is wobbling on its last legs.  Good news for America, the mealy mouthed scum that have given us failed wars in the Middle East, unfettered immigration and runaway budgets, is done.  Trump has delivered the knockout punch and they are<a href=””&gt; falling to the mat</a>.

Trump now has <a href=””>674 confirmed delegates</a> with more trickling in.  He gained at least 210 delegates last night with Cruz getting just 41 at this point.  That is a complete drubbing.  Kasich, despite his Ohio victory is irrelevant and will remain so.  Voters interest is low in him nationally.  Enraged GOPe delegates are now claiming that voters have no voice and the GOPe selects the candidates.  Sounds like sour grapes to me!

Let’s take a quick whirl around the Twittersphere and see how these loathsome pigs are handling the now inevitable Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump.  They are both delusional and angry; they’ve trapped themselves with their own stupidity and refuse to accept the clear will of the voters.

Let’s start off with the low level political flunkies who have been displaced due to Trump’s rise.  They used to pretend to have influence by parroting GOPe lies, they have been exposed as bitter, powerless losers.

The more legit GOPE punditry is going out with a whimper.

Veteran campaign Manager Mike Murphy is under fire from GOPe godfather Rick Wilson.  His<a href=””&gt; Right to Rise PAC  </a>is being blamed for Trump’s ascension.

Poor little Ben Shapiro. Behaving like a preschooler won’t give you credibility after getting fired by Breitbart.

Welcome to the wood chipper, Ben!

National Review’s self important lightweights have also been exposed as having little influence on the electorate.

Miller is left aping leftist smear tactics.

Bill Kristol of the failing Weekly Standard is one of the biggest GOPe ostriches.  Keep your head in the sand Bill.  It’s either there or in your ass!

Creepy McCarthy acolyte Matt Walsh is starting a black list of Trump supporters.

His colleague Amanda Carpenter is also down with the Trump Black List. How is this person employed as a journalist when she displays such utter narcissism and partisanship? Amazing that cable news allows this dishonest flunky on air.

And let’s not forget Rick Wilson, the puppet master behind GOPe choice Marco Rubio.

There is one GOPe backer who is realistic and admits the obvious.  Thanks RB pundit for not being stupid!

Meanwhile in the real world, Trump is focusing on beating Hillary.

The Democrats, unlike the Republican establishment know Trump is going to be the nominee.




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