Mindless Cruz Parrot Amanda Carpenter Suffers Epic Twitter Meltdown

In the wake of the true nature of her relationship with Ted Cruz being mercilessly exposed on Twitter, Amanda Carpenter is in the throes of a very public breakdown.

Following a weekend in which her sordid affair with Ted Cruz was spread all over twitter by researchers sifting through her social media accounts, Carpenter has launched an attack on Donald Trump and his campaign team. The resulting tweets are just further attempts to project her own fraudulent conduct onto blameless Donald Trump and his well above board campaign.

Of course in wacky Amanda’s world, it’s all about Trump and his evil male henchmen attacking a poor innocent woman.  Carpenter is doing her best to channel her inner Hillary Clinton.  In the end it’s just more lies and smears from the super sleazy Cruz campaign and freaky former Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter.

If Amanda was innocent she would be commencing legal action against the National Enquirer who published the story about Ted’s Cruz’s adultery.  Her attempts to shift blame to her lover’s opponent only supports the idea that she had an affair with Ted Cruz.  She’s looking more and more like a bunny boiler straight out of Fatal Attraction.

Funny how the woman who was photographed wearing Ted Cruz’s jacket in a hotel room while sporting matching tattoos  suddenly thinks she has a reputation to protect.

Coming from the woman who coordinates attacks against Trump with her “daddy” Ted Cruz and the author of the fascist “Black List” of Trump supporters this is downright hilarious.  Snap away Cruzbots.

Amanda, if you don’t want people to mention your children, don’t post pictures with them holding signs made for Ted Cruz  saying “Hi Daddy”.

Amanda tries to explain away her behavior in a pitifully amusing, sad and dishonest manner.

The woman who relentlessly invents lies and smears about Donald Trump wants others to be held accountable for responding. Way to play the woman card Amanda.  You are truly shameless and incompetent.

Inevitably, not so bright, effervescent liar Amanda falls back and plays the woman card. Meanwhile her former boss Ted Cruz is accused of serial adultery.

Twitter users are understandably not buying the self absorbed drivel that Amanda is spewing.

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