Ted Cruz – a Brief Twitter History of Sleaze

Amid recent allegation of sordid adulterous affairs with Amanda Carpenter and several other women, the stench wafting from the Cruz campaign is becoming ever more foul and odious.  In the spirit of Sleazy Ted, let’s do a quick recap of Cruz’s greatest (and slimiest) twitter hits.  Oh I can smell the powerful aroma wafting now, it’s reminiscent of a Dutch Oven.

Going back to his undergraduate days at Princeton, Ted Cruz rubbed many people the wrong way, including his roommate, Craig Mazin.

As Mazin points out, Cruz literally lifts lines from Hollywood films in his speeches.  What?

Not to mention Ted’s creepy obsession with the Princess Bride.  Sorry bro, a tramp like Amanda Carpenter is no Buttercup!

And of course, the inevitable blowback from one of the film’s stars.  Everybody hates Ted!

Ted and and Heidi Cruz are more House of Cards than Princess Bride.  Ted reminds one of Frank Underwood with his unabated lust for power.

Ted worked on George W. Bush’s legal team during the legal challenge to Florida’s election results by Al Gore.  He was one of the masterminds of Bush’s legal strategy that some say stole the 2000 election.

Ted is a George W. Bush protege. W’s brother Neil works on Ted’s campaign and Jeb! recently endorsed Ted Cruz. Let’s keep it in the family guys!  Ted Cruz is a manufactured phony and deceptive candidate.

During his 2012 Senatorial campaign, Ted knowingly spread lies to smear his opponent.  Lying, blaming and smearing are standard operating procedures for Ted.

And allegations of election fraud have dogged Cruz over his dodgy loans from Goldman Sachs.

Ted Cruz hired Jeff Roe to run his 2016 Presidential Campaign.  Jeff Roe is well known as one of the dirtiest players in American politics.  Cruz’s campaign exemplifies this on a daily basis.

Cruz likely committed voter fraud in Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas Louisiana and Utah.

Ted Cruz and Jeff Roe were behind the smearing of Trump’s wife Melania with the GQ pictures the day before the Utah Caucuses.

The National Enquirer has exposed Ted Cruz as a serial adulterer.

Amanda Carpenter has been outed as one of his 5 alleged mistresses.


And right on cue, the outed adulterer Amanda Carpenter has begun deleting her incriminating tweets.  Sorry hon, twitter is forever.  The information is already out there.

Yet the Cruz Campaign and the media are trying to smear Trump with Ted’s lies and sleaze.  Sorry that dog won’t hunt.

Cruz appears increasingly desperate in his ridiculously unhinged attacks of Trump.  Ted is way behind in delegates and any rational person would conclude he cannot win the nomination.

He’s now mumbling incoherently about “copulating rats”.  Time to drop out Ted.

GOPe insiders prefer Clinton to Trump. They want to keep the scam going.  So they support Ted Cruz in order to block Trump from getting the nomination.



They keep shifting from losing candidate to losing candidate to try and stop Trump. Sorry, it won’t work!

These cretins will stop at nothing.

The time may be right to abandon the GOP forever.  Many will leave if the GOPe steals this election from Trump.




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