Ted Cruz Continues to Embarrass Himself Refuses to Concede Defeat to Donald Trump

Exhibit A: Witness if you will the sad and desperate life of a Presidential candidate who has failed to accurately read the tea leaves.  This man keeps desperately slogging on, well past the point of mathematical elimination.  See him clogging the airwaves and the Internet with his unwelcome and grotesque visage making hate filled screeds against the clear winner of the campaign.

What should we make of such a man?
This man staying at the bar well past closing and being dramatically overserved with attention while being grossly undervalued by the voters, is Ted Cruz. Let me join the chorus of the obvious and tell Ted Cruz to be a patriot and drop out of the Presidential race immediately. Ted, you fought hard but you cannot win.

And Ted’s big ego trip is preventing him from serving the people of Texas.

Ted Cruz is an egomaniac waging a campaign he cannot win.

And Cruz is a flawed candidate in many ways with questionable lineage.

Is Ted Cruz handing out cash to delegates?

And how about this bizarre story?

All that’s left to say is Ted, why are you still here?


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