Mr. Not So Hardness Michael H. Blank

Franco has let us go back to business and this was found in our email. I have not stopped laughing so hard yet! Copied straight from the email.



Mr Avenger, while having a good time on the internet browsing Twitter profiles I  stumbled upon Michael  H. Blanks @MichaelHBlanks Twitter page . To say the least I was unimpressed with his treatment towards women on Twitter and thought you would love to check out who Michael H Blanks really is. Seems  Mr Blanks gets bored late at night and likes to harass women on Twitter. I ran into this tweet where he tries to call out this women for no apparent reason.


Who is he to call out women and demand pics and that they verify themselves to him?

So I dug into him a little bit and I found this tweet.


Here he’s talking on Twitter  telling everyone he goes commando. I understand taking off your underwear is liberating (men’s  balls can finally breathe!) But was that his signal to the the ladies on Twitter  that he’s packing a punch that he can’t harness?

Here he tweets that he’s a wild animal who’s always hard?


By the way this guy talks you would think he’s tapping some chic ten times a day. I mean he’s got to make the hardness go down right?

Well I looked into his Amazon wish list and had the biggest laugh ever and I want to share it with everyone who’s been harassed by this asshole.


His list

So on page two I spotted  that he added “Natural Female Libido Enhancer Female Libido Booster Pills Increase Your Sex Drive Women Libido Enhancer Supplements With Horny Goat Weed Maca Root Powder Tongkat Ali Panax Ginseng Muira Puama”

Now you would think a woman seeing him hard as he claims to be would be all over that dick. I mean what healthy woman would turn that away with the guy she’s involved with ?


Then I saw on the wish list Itensify Female Lubricant for Sexual Enhancement & Clitoral Stimulating by Luxxx Beauty – Natural G-Spot Arousal Lube for Women Looking to Increase Libido and Enhance Intercourse – Made in the USA

Ok  first let’s give him cred for buying stuff from the USA , but for the self- proclaimed Mr Hardness seems he can’t even turn a woman on or get her wet!!

Then after a big laugh I saw why Mr Hardness is so angry with hot women on Twitter.  He’s popping  Horny Goat Weed Extract with Maca Root For Increased Performance & another gem on his wish list was Desire – Natural Libido Boost For Men & Women – 1000mg Epimedium & 10mg Icariins Per Serving – Enhance Energy & Focus – 60 Capsules   So we find out the truth that Mr Hardness is really a dud who can’t even get it up or turn a woman on so he attacks women on Twitter because he knows deep down he really can’t satisfy a woman.


Now we see a Men’s Short Straight Wig? And pink lip stick? I guess we can all come to our own conclusions of what Mr Not So Hardness Blanks does in his spare time.

Most guys won’t admit to erectile dysfunction (ED) because, well, they  just don’t like talking about it so I’m putting out the real, reason why this guy is so angry.

Mr Not So Hardness it’s time to give up the act that you’re some  male who’s hard all the time. No one is buying it.

Sincerely,  the Women of Twitter

Thank you Women of Twitter! We needed a laugh!



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