Chuck Nellis, Jonestown Returns

cult of nellis 2

Cult of Nellis

Franco is investigating the Alt Right, we got some righteous emails to share a story of two with you. If, anyone recalls Ted Cruz’s North Carolina wife beater Chuck Nellis one of the more popular stories here on Avenger. We have a few updates from the wife beater joining ranks with a state PIO tax waster and a felon in Texas. You just can’t make these things up!

After the demise of Marco “The Narco” Rubio and “Lyin Ted Cruz” giving Donald “The Rabble Rouser” Trump the clear path to the nomination, almost instantly the bitterness sunk in. Leading the charge the Domestic Violence Cruzader Chuck Nellis saw it fit to unleash his anger upon any that supported Trump.

While, Nellis claims to be the victim we shall remind him and the rest of his cult these criminal records do not lie.

chuckie criminal

This tweet was given to us, that has Nellis admitting to his criminal background of domestic violence.

chuck admission
Certainly appears to be confirmation of his criminal record to me.

This one is a gem as well!

It’s always the abusers first to cry out as being the victim, pitiful excuse maybe he’ll slap a woman around for it?
hahn 1
It is suspected this is also one of many Jason Wade Taylor’s accounts

Nellis has become a regular voice on Hahn America along with long time troll Dan also known as 1911G_fan, for those that do not know who Hahn America is? This is Hahn America.

jason wade taylor 3

Our source for records research simply threw his hands up and said, this guy has such a long rap sheet I am just going to list where he has been charged.

Name:Jason W Taylor     Location:Abilene, TX
Reporting Source: Taylor County 42nd District Court

Name:Jason W Taylor     Location:Adkins, TX
Reporting Source: Bexar County Courts

Name:Jason W Taylor     Location:Burleson, TX
Reporting Source: Johnson County Justice Of The Peace Precinct 2

Name:Jason W Taylor     Location:Clarksville, TX
Reporting Source: Red River County 6th District Court

Name:Jason W Taylor     Location:Cypress, TX
Reporting Source: Harris County Courts

Name:Jason W Taylor     Location:Fort Worth, TX
Reporting Source: Tarrant County 17th District Court – Civil

Name:Jason W Taylor     Location:Frisco, TX
Reporting Source: Collin County Justice Of The Peace Precinct 4

Name:Jason W Taylor     Location:Keller, TX
Reporting Source: Tarrant County Courts

Name:Jason W Taylor     Location:Lake Dallas, TX
Reporting Source: Lake Dallas Municipal Court

Our source also said this was a short list and a quick copy and paste of only a fraction the results yeilded. Jason Wade Taylor is also known to have multiple accounts just as MicroChip and a few others that lurk about on Twitter.

This account admitted to being Jason Wade Taylor, well Jason old habits never die right?


On one of Jason Wade Taylor’s Hahn America shows, he accused Donald Trump of buying 100s of thousands of fake accounts, but we see Hahn is really the culprit projecting his own guilt. In our MicroChip series we have already showed who was responsible for the fake accounts. These people are so ate up with the need to be famous, they will con and cheat their way in order to be famous here on Avenger.

Jason Wade Taylor aka Hahn America does have a way of showing his lies, deceit and nastiness all fueled with his alcohol addiction.

Always full of himself until his eyes turn brown
JWT lie
Yes, Jason how are you tweeting? Did you get into trouble again?

The other bore on this Hahn America blog radio show meet Dan aka 1911G_fan or many of us say Bunny’s puppet. This nasty troll obviously has some serious inadequacies about himself with women. Just for a giggle here is a perfect example.

dan the turd
Little man syndrome always does affect any logic, possible why he needs to reference a firearm in his name. Always these side walk commandos!

Then we have Samantha Janney also known as Politibunny which needs no introduction by us at the Avenger, we will just kindly point you to a well written piece about this state employee that was happy to do opposition work for Cheri Jacobus and Rick Wilson for coming on her blog radio show, “According to me and Bunny” which is hosted by K 98 Talk the same company that hosts “Game On”. Always a connection with these never trumpers, a rich cesspool of con artist and scams.

Just as this story was being composed Chuck Nellis has been released from suspension. This means one more and he will banned from twitter no matter what kind of account he creates will result in suspension. But, as I was informed this may be short lived. Repeat offenders in this case have no control or temperament. Abusive activities are rooted from the need to control and soon this may fall upon an unsuspecting account. Twitter simply becomes a long plastic hallway for these ill people that have no regard for others. We will update if anything develops.

I am sure many of you needed a break from the Alt Right stories, but Franco feels that it must be out there in order to keep Teflon on the “Donald”.




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