Redhat and the Russian Connection

Months of investigating this raucous ALT Right group led by Milo Yiannopoulos, it has come to light many things and an obvious scandal of epic proportions that can easily swing into a complete federal investigation. We have deliberately withheld information in expectations that the ALT right (Redhats) would get too cocky and overstep showing their hand. We now see they have, and our purpose now is to completely finish this election publishing all everything we have!  We all have come to agree, it is time to unleash the Kraken.

Russian Hackers not Russian Government

Granted our country is not at it’s best with our neighboring country Russia, but let’s not mistake Russian Cyber-criminals with the Russian Government. If, you look at everything reported by Wikileaks and others like it; you will notice those hacked emails amount to nothing. This should be the first implication the work is not of actual Russian government hackers. Yes, they are Russian but let’s realize that just as in this country most of what people in a country do is not even discovered until after the fact. In this series of editions to come, we are going to point out the connection with evidence backing it.

Let’s start with days before public release that one of the DNC’s server was compromised, the big 4 of social media was hacked. Millions of accounts on each service was completely compromised.

Hacking Of Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Media Accounts

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson’s Twitter hacked

Github accounts Hacked in ‘Password reuse attack’

Here’s How Celebrity Twitter Accounts Are Getting Hacked

Hundreds of millions of passwords stolen from Google and Yahoo

The question is days before the big hit, a skirmish to grab and compromise social media accounts, Github and other high profile outlets? This would actually fit all nice and neat into a particular control set that would keep dissension among those specific groups that would need to be controlled. Take notice to which outlets have reported very conspicuous stories anonymously given to them: Breitbart, WikiLeaks, who have been persistent in these leaks. What do both have in common? Milo Yiannopoulos and Anthime Gionet (Baked Alaska, Timothy Treadstone) appear to be a constant in all of this. After, gaining favors of Ann Coulter, Roger Stone, Donald Trump, ect, ect.. the pattern is emerging and points to Milo and Anthime being the apex of this operation. With millions of dollars tossed around and pocketed by both parties and their PACS, the ALT Right is complacent spending their resources with using a large ring of hackers that is likely been setup since for at least 2 years. In order to understand how this was derived, you will need to read the following stories here on Avenger.

Behind the Red Hat

Tim Treadstone, An Internet Con-Artist, Failed White Rapper, Dumbest Hacker

Tim Treadstone BUSTED!

From this ongoing investigation, it has been found that their operation has been mostly communicated through private forums and reddit. Joe Bernstein seems to have caught on early as well that this operation has been in design for sometime. His story on this provides a lot more on how they communicate to their operatives.

Top Conservative Writer Is A Group Effort, Sources Say

Joe has done a lot of work on Gamergate on which Milo seemed to have rode on the coattails so to speak in order to gain contacts and operatives from Gamergate. Milo has obviously used his position at Breibart to influence and hire willing minions to do his work for him. Which if follow any derivative of the twitter handle WDFx2EU you will see the connection with Milo and Baked Alaska. One twitter account testified in an “affidavit” with a clear report in every move WDFx2EU has made and the previous handles used prior such as YugeMilo and Aspithimos ( a purposely derived Greek flavored handle). Yet, little know who exactly is Milo and how much misinformation has been put on the internet to hide his past and true name. Avenger has his real name and after we process that part of this investigation, we will release it. The news publication “Gawker” has been covering Milo for some time and exposing many business fraud cases (The Wonga Scandal, The Kernel) against him in the UK. Has anyone ever questioned Milo’s charity? Again, Joe Bernstein from Buzzfeed seems to be also closing in on what the Avenger has known for some time. The Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant

Why hold the money at a bank in the country of Panama? Likely, the same reason drug dealers and other criminal launderers use banks outside the United States. Milo’s spending seems to all be used under the guise of his charity. Even property and real estate has also been added in claims of under his charity, which if anyone interested could easily look up the spending and what is claimed to be under charity does not add up. Charities give up to 20% of the donations given to it’s cause, while the majority is being spent using the operational cost loophole. Their operation has spent a considerable amount of time creating websites and crowdfunding accounts so they can continue spending to a lifestyle they want. The most obvious websites and twitter accounts connected always send out asking for money. Little knowing that security scans on links and websites tweeted are masked with malicious scripting and content that goes undetected by most antivirus. Understand that nearly all antivirus programs can only protect against known exploits and malicious scripting, this leaves every user on the internet with a 50/50 chance that you’re infected. It should be a constant practice to very links before clicking, this will always save you grief later from the baited hazards present on twitter.

Thanks to those also questioning the events that have plagued Trump’s campaign connecting the dots became a lot clearer. Encyclopedia Dramatica put out this story: Milo Yiannopoulos the language is raw, but it was the actual proof of Milo’s business scandals over in the U.K. to connecting with 4chan hacker network. Today, the media was circulating Paul Manafort being in partnership with Russia. Of course, the New York Times Story on Manafort  built on nothing to indicate Manafort had taken money or paid out money while outsourcing his campaign skills to the former Ukrainian president. We are all aware Trump’s wife Melania is Ukranian so of course Trump has some tie to the country far as in-laws would be, but nothing more. But Milo has Russian ties, through his partner in crime Anthime Gionet. Which on Wednesday of this three part ongoing investigation, We will give 100% proof of those Russian ties and soon even more disturbing activities of this scandal as we process our findings.


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