Milo and the Russian Hackers

We will now produce the key link to this Russian Hacking Scandal. As Mentioned in Redhat and the Russian Connection we provided an exclusive piece of evidence of Milo and his connection with 4chan. Now, we release the “Kraken”.

Russian Encouragement Ministries

The Russian Encouragement Ministries primary purpose was to ship medicine to Russian territories even in the far east. Upon, investigating the mission not much could truly be found other then tax reports and no sources providing how income or donations are obtained. In the Tax reports, grants and funding are not even listed nor shown as one would see in a normal statement.


Russian Encouragement Ministries Tax report 2


Looking at the business end of the mission and using such sites as corporate wiki, buzzfile and manta, all report the same basic information. The mission is ran by one person, Paul Gionet and and the income yearly is around the 250k to the 400k range.

the year founded according to buzzfile and others state: 2010. But if you go back and look at the tax reports it will show that it was founded in 2002. That is a huge discrepancy between reports.
This is the Russian Encouragement Ministries. Seems quite abandoned.

So what does this have to do with the current Russian Hackers scandal? A LOT!

In Tim Treadstone, An Internet Con-Artist, Failed White Rapper, Dumbest Hacker we exposed Baked Alaska for his alter twitter account MicroChip and we also pointed out that his parents were missionaries in Russia. Baked Alaska spent 6 months in Russia with his parents. Paul Gionet is Baked Alaska’s father and sole owner of Russian Encouragement Ministries. It’s is apparent that those Russian ties grew strong over the years and if you look at Baked Alaska’s facebook and see how many fans or friends are young russian boys this should start closing the gap on the root of the Russian influence. Is it not true that as of to date, Milo and Baked Alaska work deep in the camp of Trump’s campaign? It is time to start connecting the dots to likely one of the biggest election scandals of the decade.

  • Milo while in UK, rigs voting to prevent fair competition Wonga Scandal
  • Manchester/Cambridge drop out
  • Milo’s the Kernel was a staged publication with only one staff member (Milo) but posed as many characters on the Kernel one notably is the fictitious Dan Waller
  • Milo switches hats to SWJ liberal phase, writes speeches for feminist and global warming advocate Bianca Jagger
  • Milo has web developer knowledge (One of the roots to Blackhat Hacking)
  • Milo insults gamers with tweets
    Kind of telling for someone claiming to be all out gay, but tweets out how men should be clamping onto a pair of tits instead of a game controller


  • Milo joins gamergate and 4chan 337px-Milo_4chan
  • Milo tries to sell book: “Gamergate, How I got Rich”
  • Milo tries to sell another book: “Ethics for Dummies”


It’s obvious to see Milo has been scamming for sometime and not in legit ways. He has incorporated over the time span of gamergate up to date recruiting 4chans and creating the AltRight that has vehemently destroyed Trump’s light and tarnished his campaign.

We are going to rest here and pick up Friday with more on this. More editions to come as we are going through months of material that has been collected since Trump entered the election. We have only disclosed a little on a vast accumulation of data that was dumped from many that have been investigating this. It is safe to say, we will be reporting as often as we can on this.



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