Milo Yiannopoulos begs Twitter for Refund!

We are sorting through some of the most informative data dump ever provided! A whistleblower from deep within “Camp Milo” sent more than we could ever imagine. While we prepare for a huge story for Monday in regards to Milo and the Russian Hackers, this was too good to pass up and provide our readers with another Milo fail. Below is copied straight from the email.


Avenger Social firstly, I love your website, keep bringing justice to people everywhere, that don’t deserve things that happen to them by other people that have little to no moral compass. I wanted to tell you about Mudshark aka Milo Yiannopoulos,. This dude ain’t nothing but a fraud. Maybe at one point he was somebody who had potential or had something to call his own but now MudShark just a broke Twitter joke followed by his minions.

For a dude who’s suppose to have mastered the “Social Media Game” he sure can’t make it on his own. All he does is lie and try to sucker people into funding his D celebrity lifestyle but he can’t even stand on his own.

He lives in the shadows of everyone who is somebody on the Internet. Don’t let his manipulating lines fool you he may talk a good game but he got nothing to show except some designer clothes and some gold chains lol man can’t even pay his bills but trying to buy shoes n clothes.

He’s trying to be somebody so bad that only way to do so is to create an alternate reality using outrage as currency. lying ass punk..ladies/gents if you ever come across this pathetic excuse of a man child beware of that nasty mop on his head. All this guy does is have a “I’ve got a new scam” party hoping some male/bi’ch will save his ass but you can’t save a wanna be. I guess it is hard out here for a social media pimp lol he needs go find himself a better job clearly working at Breibart News isn’t the bills because he just posted on Breibart this article.

“Slippery Twitter Tries and Fails to Dodge Milo Data Access Request” I couldn’t believe my eyes when he openly was begging Twitter to refund his shipping and handling costs of sending a money order!!! From the way he talks you’d think he was rolling in the dough.

As they say pictures are worth a thousand words and Mudshark the pimp of social media has to split the costs of hotel rooms and share beds to get by. A peddler of inarguable hate speech doesn’t pay well these days.

The Privilege Fund flopped and the dreams of cash are merely what they can scam in the name of Trump.
Maybe Macaulay Culkin can assist then with everything pizza, but looks like another night of ramen noodles.

Mudsharks hate speech is taken to a new level, though, he’s cannily built smear campaigns that incited his followers to attack other users, usually women and people of color, until the targets could no longer use social media constructively.
Franco, this scumbag has friends, family and other people invest in companies he creates and then lives on everyone’s money, buying Gucci belts, some cheap clothes and is still the Kim Kardashian’s of Twitter. He bankrupts all of his so called “companies” blamed other people then somehow convinced people to pay for his living expenses while paying the guys in other ways.

He owes everyone money, but manages to travel to other countries, all the while telling everyone he is the next “aristocrat of social media”. He f*cks ugly looking guys but tells everyone they’re “models”. This loser should seriously get a job instead of stealing from his friends, family and investors.

His only friends are Breibart boys hes fucks around with behind his boyfriends back from time to time who he also screws over.hes a flop, lying, scamming waste of skin who will say whatever he needs to get you to pity and fall for his lies while he screws you for everything you have then threaten you with violence and stalking until he gets what he wants. Milo Mudshark Yiannopoulos obviously got bored of being a low level nobody columnist in the UK, and used his not insubstantial intelligence to reinvent himself as this ” free speech warrior” but he’s no defender of free speech, not a warrior against political correctness run amok, but a narcissistic fame whore having made up tantrums, doing whatever he can to grab someones spotlight.

Mudsharks just a social media troll character, to con gullible Americans out of their money any way he can. He believes in absolutely nothing, If he can’t be the Pimp of Twitter he will be happy to burn it down.

Let’s understand the true nature of this self-loathing gay man who internalized the bullying and social ostracism to which he’s been subjected to his whole life and now takes it out on others on Social Media. In Mudsharks mind he’s no better then Hillary Clinton. She feels entitled to The presidency because she’s a woman and Mudshark feels entitled to be the Twitter social media king because he’s a gay conservative.

Fame Whore. We all get the whore part. The fame part, where is this man famous? Persona non grata.
So begging Twitter for a refund of his hard costs i.e. Shipping and handling and cost of the money order makes him even more of a laughing stock liberal type of Twitter. Here are the screenshots of him begging.

Maybe the FBI, had already requested a full backup of Milo’s account in order to investigate according to a source.
Twitter is a privately owned business not publicly, someone should advise Milo there is a difference. The tone Milo uses seems more like a liberal than a conservative, he should read the guidelines and laws specifying social media.

The reason he didn’t go to Buzzfeed is because Milo Mudshark Yiannopoulos and his far-right support base want the ‘freedom’ to harass women and races they disagree with and Buzzfeed wouldn’t let him have the reins. But the conservatives were so desperate to have a gay voice they don’t care what he said because he’s gay.

Seems this tweet alone is typical Milo rinse and repeat cycle, we predict his bus tour to be cancelled once the truth bomb is released.

Milo Mudshark Yiannopoulos is the Kim Kardashian of the Conservative party . Any conservative who associates with him  loses all credibility.

Thanks for the submission! ~Franco


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  1. Joxua Luxor says:

    I’m confused about what is actually going on. . .


    1. Hi Josh, we will have a complete timeline of what is truly going on and how Redhats and Milo are responsible for attacks on social media and staged attacks at Milo’s appearances. Very Soon! We do know his true identity and just as Baked Alaska is a con artist, Milo follows along the same path.

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