Redhat from Super Tuesday Video gives up info on Milo


Just as I predicted, a Redhat came forward! Margaret (Redhat) from the Super Tuesday video we posted in our Tim Treadstone, An Internet Con-Artist, Failed White Rapper, Dumbest Hacker story. Margaret talked to The Daily Beast and turned evidence that Milo was using the Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant for his own self funding.

The first sign of this story coming to be was from a twitter account known as NormalBot in many aspects, we are grateful for this account’s willingness to expose Milo’s scams. It helps to know that others see through Milo and the Redhats as well.

I went ahead and verified NormalBot’s information as well and have took the actual PDF files converted them to PNG so all may see the actual legal docs on Milo’s Caligula Limited in which the privilege grant was created under. You may also find the authenticity here at the Companies House UK gov site


Now, the dissolution of Caligula Limted



There you have it, all nutshelled. Privilege Grant has been actually dissolved in March. So, where is the money? We have a good idea, they say a picture is worth a thousand words so it is fitting to only make it all optical showing Redhats and Milo having the time of their lives on innocent people’s money.

Sure it’s only white male privilege money right?
Privilege money running low? Or did Milo wire some while in the UK?
3rd, 4th and 5th too? Oh, common Ben spend, spend, spend!
Well, how many white males did you take from to get here?
I am sure you are! But he is far too petty to not spend that money
Backstage? You must be privileged? A privileged white male that is.
White Gay Privilege Man funding pay for that rifle? hmmmm Everyone should know the answer by now.
New high end laptops
Visions of privilege funds dancing in their heads
My, my lots of privilege cash, expensive rifles, leather furniture and bank wires to bring it along.
So who donated the money to the fund? Remember Caligula Limited has to keep record some where.
Some where in Panama like a drug cartel privilege money is being laundered?

We could go on with the more photos of their spending sprees but the point has been made. Milo and the Redhats again tarnish Trump’s image, but wait!!! Let’s be clear minded about this and look at the overall picture of the one thing all of this is linked to that has caused the Trump campaign so many problems and unnecessary embarrassment through the media. What does Ben Shapiro, Michelle Fields, Milo Yiannopolous and now Stephen K. Bannon have in common? Breitbart News!

Oh what tangled scams we weave and practice media to deceive, all for fake traffic to bring in those advertisement bucks!


When, the word of this gets out.. My bets one New Yorker is going to pay them a visit!




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