#NeverTrump has a darkside

With the election heating up, seems we are getting more emails now than ever. And those on Twitter leading the #NeverTrump charge have incorporated people with shady pasts. This Friday edition will reveal things like never before.

Chuck Nellis


Chuck Nellis, who claims to be one of the 50 most influential people in politics. Well, maybe in his alter-universe. After, the Avenger exposed Chuck for his domestic violence past, in which he changed his story several times after the fact. First he claimed he was the victim of domestic violence not the perpetrator. Then changed his story again that his ex-wife tried to frame him and he was fighting for the custody of his kids. When this was shot down, he then went into full denial mode saying that none of this was him. We still have the copy of the domestic violence charges against Chuck.

chuckie criminal
2 domestic violence cases still open, and one converted

Chuck can be heard on Jason Wade Taylor’s radio show, Nellis is defended by Samantha Janney also known as @Politibunny and Jason Wade Taylor.

bunny selfie
She can photoshop her AVIs until hell freezes over but her face is too unique and her obvious weight issues

Politibunny was exposed back in November of 2015 having agree upon coercion with Rick Wilson and Cheri Jacobus found on this blog. The story was so accurate that even celebrities such as Margaret Cho read the information.

Politibunny and the Tax payers of Wyoming

Politibunny and the tax payers of Wyoming part 2

Politibunny worked with Altcon and K98Talk for some time with her show “According to me and Bunny”. After being exposed, she left in a quite dramatic fashion as always. Altcon and K98talk according to the same blog that exposed her is responsible for “Swatting” an account called 1000girlfriends (Kathy Scott). The blog did without a doubt prove that she was targeted and showed legal documents of one Stacey Lennox (@scotsfyre) lied about the charges she created against Kathy as the judge dismissed them due to zero evidence, see: Kathy Strikes Back . I was told that Kathy is still being stalked by the same people When Bullies Cry and Charles Stutesman a mayor of Valley Falls, Kansas has been stalking her as well. We brought to you a story on this mayor: Kansas Mayor attacks Trump supporters, has stalked women on social media since 2014 

This link below goes back to the same blog that exposed Politibunny.

Mayor Stutesman Cyberbully Extraordinaire

Politbunny now claims to be an editor with Twitchy, in which in an email received that Twitchy has even a dark past! On a regular basis we get a flow 50 emails daily on tips so it takes time to sort out information given. Twitchy was bought out by Townhall Townhall buys Twitchy which led someone to investigating Twitchy over their constant attacks on Donald Trump. Their bias to tear down the GOP runner for the 2016 presidential election raised questions if they are truly the conservative outlet they claimed to be. Upon the information received, one clear fact stood out. Townhall’s Paul Plawin has a criminal past.

According to the information in the email, Paul was arrested for assaulting a police officer. Also from this source, Paul also uses the name Paul B. Plawin as an alias. The record provided below gives some interesting details.

Booking Date:

October 6, 2003


Va Admin Office Of Courts


Assaul Police Officer



Case Number:013GC0300412300

Offense:Assaul Police Officer

Offense Date:October 5, 2003

Arrest Date:October 5, 2003

Court Description:Arlington General District

Classification by Court:Felony

Court Offense:Assaul Police Officer

Court Statute:18.2-57


Assaul Police Officer



Case Number:013GC0300412300

Charge Type:Criminal/traffic

Case Type:Felony

Offense:Assaul Police Officer

Criminal Code18.2-57

Offense Date:October 5, 2003

Arrest Disposition: Nolle Prosequi

Arrest Disposition Date: February 27, 2004

The email informant stated, more is to come on the publication.

We always want to save the best for last, and this is no exception.

jason wade taylor 3
Meet Jason Wade Taylor another Never Trump advocate that is deep with a criminal record

Jason also known as Hahn America is deep in scandal and criminal behavior. His most noted scam was the #StopRush scam where he took monetary contributions and had a spending spree of all sorts.

Abuser, Bully, Fraud and Failure: Jason Wade Taylor aka “Randy Hahn”

Jason Wade Taylor aka Randy Hahn EXPOSED

The Randy Taylor-Hahn Burn Notice

He now contributes to Erck Erickson’s The Resurgent Erickson was the one who also denied former GOP primary candidate African American Ben Carson a spot at the Red State convention in Georgia. Some of us formed an opinion that Erickson denied Carson due to his color. Erickson told the Washington Examiner he did not invite Carson because he allegedly saw Carson speak at a veteran’s event where Erickson is saying Carson only talked about himself and President Obama. Still sounds racially motivated either way this is stacked. So, why is Erickson involved with Jason Wade Taylor also known as Hahn America? Thanks for another email source we were given what would would call the ultimate mix of Hahn America’s unstable and racial projections. As a courtesy, we will give you a label warning the “N-word” is used often by Hahn. Many of you may be angered by this man and some may even laugh until tears are rolling down. Either way, below is a masterful musical mix of Hahn America unhinged and obvious mentally unstable.

Randy Hahn vs N1KNAK Meltdown Remix

Monday, will be another fun edition! Until next time kids.



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