Avenger redeemed!

I know it has seemed like we have went on hiatus. No, we have been waiting on the rest of the world to catch up. We will release all information soon, consider this the ultimate data dump and we are the anti-wikileaks. So many rats infested the 2016 election process, so it was only in our interest to report on what we collect from sources. We have more on Milo but we also have some alleged information on how Hillary lost. The 2016 election brought entrenched politicians, strategist and even many media personalities brought to their knees and in some cases destroyed lives. From the time we have been waiting to now, we can now offer a trove of what went on in the election and how those that have tampered with the election have profited. It is time we bring this full circle.

I can never thank our readers enough for their support, Avenger will now continue.

Expect to see a lot more of Russia, Milo, Backed Alaska and the gang! To the resistance we say this

You have fought hard and taken many bloody noses, if you still question the 2016 election then hold on to your seats this roller coaster ride is about to be extended!



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