Julius Caesar and the DNC

The one thing about social media is how clever operatives and politicians meet in the open. There are some leaks from twitter’s former employees, saying there is a panel of 60 feds that watch and monitor accounts of political interests. For our sources and our own investigation, we would have to leave this up to the readers to decide as it should always be.

Hillary was fed to the wolves over a vendetta

If, you think exposing the Alt right was a mind numbing reality this will curl your toes. First, we have to look at who would have the power to persuade an electoral college to vote other than by popular vote. Many say, Hillary lost because of Debbie Wasserman Schultz rigging the primaries by spear heading Hillary in front no matter how popular Bernie Sanders was. Some are saying it was Trump buying off the electorate, while others likely just see the whole fiasco as business as usual.

The Russian Pimp

Jerome W Dewald (@JKJMoscow) of twitter is an interesting account. One that once was followed by one Barack Obama and Roger Stone. Maybe because his account is all about weed. You would think Barack would have been onboard for that. (Choomgang reference)

We first need to explain why he is dubbed the russian pimp. we can explain it in one tweet.

Jerome is somewhat a unique political operative, he was caught working both sides on the Bush?Gore election.

I submit these following articles as exhibits of proof.

People vs Dewald

Dewald vs Wriggelsworth

Nice guy, right?

Nice enough to even tell everything on youtube how he raised a million dollars by playing both sides during the Bush/Gore election.

Jerome W. Dewald raised a million dollars for George W. Bush and Al Gore simultaneously

You may ask how the russian pimp fits in to Hillary’s loss? I was hoping you would! I now present the next exhibit.

Dewald vs Clinton

So far, we have Jerome in serious trouble in illegal election practices and Hillary denying him access to Russia. Indeed, he would have an ax to grind.

Putting it all together

Our source alleges that Barack Obama gave Dewald information to pass onto Roger Stone so it reaches back to the Trump camp about how to take down Hillary. Make no mistake there is a lot of bad blood between Obamas and Clintons, we all have seen the exchanges through out the election. But, there was one thing Bill Clinton said to Ted Kennedy that was racially charged against Obama and would ensure a Clinton would never live in the White House again.

Bill Clinton told Ted Kennedy that Obama ‘would be getting us coffee’ a few years ago: ‘Game Change’

2008 Bill Clinton on Senator Obama: A few years ago he would have been carrying our bags

We can safely say, those kinds of comments would put any one of color through the roof and seething through their teeth. Nothing classy about Clinton’s comments to Kennedy. Obama could have also conversed with the DNC over their choice as well. But, Jerome is just the middle man Obama could use to pass on information to Hillary’s opposition without anyone knowing the better. I wonder if Jerome got his russian access back for doing the job? We can only assume, since no one is going to ask him.




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